developing projects

Ateitis (en)

Futurist organization

Babyzone website

Babyzone - products for children and babies.

Created: 2020y.

Between lines

Between lines.

Created: 2020y.

Biogroup website

Sewage treatment equipments

Christmas greeting

Christmas greeting

Food for sport

Food for sport

Created: 2020y.

NSTA (en)

National family and parents association

Phone servise

Phone, computer service

Prayer action

Prayer action website

The cultural center of Alytus

Website of the cultural center of Alytus

The fund of Ciurlionis

The fund of Ciurlionis website

The manor of Paliesius

The manor of Paliesius website

The manor of Paliesius. Concerts

The manor of Paliesius concerts website

Wall painting

Qualified wall painting.

Created: 2019y.