Web for 50 euros

Web for 50 euros

Web for 50 euros – a possibility to choose the cheapest website. It’s not a final price. It depends on personal needs. It can also vary in the process of creation. There is a possibility to add more functionality that is not listed below.

The creation of website begins from idea. Everything depends on personal needs and the aim of website. It can be various types of websites: representative, e-shop, portal or other.

If you want to get more detailed calculations, please contact us by filling in a form that is given below :

Web for 50 euros
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Web for 50 euros


After receiving Your message we contact You for more details. Sometimes its necessary to evaluate a lot of additional factors and details.


Content management system – the main system of website that holds other modules and elements.

Responsive design – the technology that gives an opportunity to open website correctly on various equipments, various sizes of monitors.

Bootstrap – it’s one of the most popular frameworks that makes life easier.  Framework consists of various classes, templates, modules. It binds HTML, CSS and other snippets of code.  You can just simply take and use it.

Domain – it’s unique name of the site with it’s “ending” for example, . .com, .lt .eu and so on. Usually according “ending” we can say what this site is all about, for example “ending”  .lt means that this is a Lithuanian site, “ending”  .com is usually used for companies, .eu – European Union and so on.

Hosting – it’s a place where your site is stored. Usually it’s like a remote computer with a physical disk and IP address which is used to connect to a site.


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